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ProfhiloPROFHILO® is an innovative skin tissue enhancing product manufactured by IBSA Farmaceutici Italia at a U.S. FDA approved location in Italy, having being hailed as a “true breakthrough” in anti-ageing medicine. Working wonders as a remedy for skin laxity (loose skin), Profhilo is the first stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) based product which is produced without employing chemical cross-linking agents (BDDE). 

Not be dismissed as merely a treatment to combat wrinkles and fine lines, the Profhilo filler provides an overall rejuvenation effect to the skin, offering a substantial improvement in the quality of tissue at a deep cellular level. Harmonious when used in conjunction with other dermal filler procedures and compatible with other aesthetic treatments, Profhilo promises to make you feel radiant and confident inside and out. 


Conditions treated with PROFHILO® Profhilo, middle age, youthful, skin filler, anti-ageing

  • Loose skin/skin laxity
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Facial lines & wrinkles
  • Facial and décolleté (lower neckline) lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Rough skin
  • Cellulite
  • Anti-aging
  • Dull Skin


Does it hurt?

One of our top priorities at ANP Skin Clinic is your comfort and enjoyment of your treatments. While different people have varying pain thresholds, our fully trained therapist will talk you through any sensations you’re likely to experience. It’s worth noting that Profhilo is a less invasive than other filler treatments. 

How many treatments would I need?

To see the desired results it is advised to have two initial treatments 1 month apart and then top-up treatments are recommended twice a year, though this number varies depending on your skin’s reaction to the treatment. You can expect to see improved skin firmness, tone and youthful-looking elasticity lasting for up to half a year. Please note that your lifestyle. age and skin condition prior to treatment being administered all influence how long the rewarding effects of Profhilo last. 

What can I expect before, during and after the treatment?

Before treatment: The therapist will carry out an in-depth and confidential consultation with you to gain a full picture of your medical history and lifestyle, taking into account any information that may impact on the treatment and its effects. No allergy test is required before having Profhilo treatments.

During treatment: Profhilo comes in the form of 64mg of hyaluronic acid in a 2ml pre-filled syringe. It is usually applied to areas of the skin that are lax or loose such as the jowls and cheeks, though everyone is unique and your therapist will treat you as such, treating the areas on your body and skin that need attention. The hyaluronic acid in the treatment, which has been praised for its safe application capabilities, breaks down in the skin and leaves no trace. Profhilo is renowned for its safety aspect, plus its spreadability and ability to stay together. These beneficial abilities often make it the ideal solution for areas of skin that are usually regarded as tricky to treat with traditional injectable products, for example, the forehead, temples, neck, hands and inner arms. Profhilo is administered using the BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) method which is considered the prime way to apply Profhilo to five specific points on the face. 

After treatment: Your ANP Skin Clinic therapist will provide you with professional advice on any follow-up steps you need to take to preserve the effects of Profhilo. 

Is it right for me? Profhilo, skin, anti-ageing, filler

Fillers through Prodhilo are typically suitable for all adults, male and female, with age and ethnicity not needing to be taken into account. However, if any of the following apply to you it is highly recommended highly that you avoid having Profhilo treatment. 

  • If you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant
  • If you are currently breastfeeding 
  • If you are aware of having hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

How much does it cost?

£385 per 2ml syringe. 

What are the risks?

Being approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S is a strong testament to Profhilo’s safety and reliability to achieve the results you want. However, there is always a risk with all medical and cosmetic treatments. Reported side effects of the treatment include discoloration, tenderness where the implant is inserted, redness, pain and itchiness.