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  • This treatment shrinks porescarbon skin treatment, carbon skin rejuvenation, skin treatment, face, neck, hands, acne, anti-ageing

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections

  • Makes skin look and feel firmer

  • Ensures your skin is less prone to spots

  • Leaves you with bright, radiant skin


Carbon Skin Rejuvenation works by applying a layer of carbon paste to your skin. The carbon then absorbs dirt from within your pores, reduces the inflammation of acne and exfoliates your skin. A laser is then passed over the surface of the skin. The laser breaks down the carbon, taking with it any contaminants that it has absorbed.

This treatment is pain-free, although the process of breaking down the carbon paste does create a small amount of warmth, but it’s not uncomfortable.

There are minimal to zero risks and your skin isn’t left red or sore following the procedure.

What more could you want?!


 The prices for our Carbon Skin Rejuvenation are as follows:

  •  Full Face: £150 or a course of 3 £395
  • Face and Neck: £200 or a course of 3 £550
  • Neck: £100 or a course of 3 £250
  • Hands: £100 or a course of 3 £250

Suitable for all skin types!

carbon skin treatment, carbon skin rejuvenation, skin treatment, face, neck, hands, anti-ageing, acne

So, whether you have oily, acne, wrinkled or hyperpigmented skin, this could be just the thing for you! Diana, the owner of ANP Skin Clinic, is updating her training on Carbon Skin Rejuvenation on 25th January 2018, so get booked in now for the most recent and up-to-date form of this treatment!


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