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Coming soon to ANP is a treatment to give you a more youthful profile.

The treatment reliably reduces the volume of eye-bags and associated shadows. Whether the result of fluid build up or protrusion of the fat pad behind the eye, the low intensity lasers can improve your eye profile.

Whether caused by lower lid shadows, excess pigmentation or vascularity made more visible by the increased transparency of aging skin, the lipo treatment can help diminish the appearance of dark circles beneath the eye.

There will be NO DOWNTIME or SIDE EFFECTS with this low intensity laser treatment, unlike resurfacing lasers this treatment does not damage any skin cells. It works through light biochemically modulating cells and is suitably gentle on the fragile per orbital skin but as with any laser eye protection is worn to avoid the light sensitive eye. before and after eyes lipo

The treatment will be available week commencing 20th April

Individual treatment £45

Course of 8 £280

To book please call or email