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Hair Removal Statistics

I thought you would be interested in a summary of the results of a Mintel survey on hair removal habits of UK men and women.

Wales was the hairiest region with 27% saying they had not removed hair from their body in the las 12 months.

Only 3% of respondents had removed hair using Laser Hair Removal.

Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Female Hair Removal

73% of all consumers believe there is more pressure nowadays to remove body hair.

8% of women have not removed hair in the UK in the past 12 months

Top 5 most popular areas for hair removal for women

  1. Legs (82%)
  2. Underarms (78%)
  3. Pubic region (57%)
  4. Arms (15%)
  5. Feet (7%)


Male Hair Removal

Hair Removal

70% of male consumers have removed hair from their body in the last year.

58% of 16 to 24 year old men said they felt pressure to remove hair.

One in five men feel pressured to remove hair from their torso.

Top 5 most popular areas for male hair removal.

  1. Pubic region (29%)
  2. Chest (13%)
  3. Underarms (12%)
  4. Back (9%)
  5. Bottom (6%)