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The majority of us tweak our hair color and makeup according to the time of year. But, not all of us apply that same concept to our skin care, although we should. It’s important to make sure that your skin care routine matches up with the seasons because certain skin issues can become exacerbated as the temperature changes. Here’s what your skin needs (and what to avoid) this summer.


Opt for lighter moisturizers

The warmer the weather, the more humidity in the air, which keeps skin hydrated. “When the air is warm, you only need a light moisturizing gel or lotion,” says celebrity aesthetician Susan Ciminelli. “Skin sweats more and it just needs hydration at the surface.” Light hydrating lotions, fluids, serums, elixirs and oils, are good, too, because they contain emollients. Anything too heavy can clog pores and make skin look greasy.

Cleanse with light gels

Gels are perfect for warmer temperatures because they lend a cooling effect and leave skin feeling refreshed. They often contain acne and oil fighters—two problems that go into overdrive in the heat. “The higher incidence of alcohol leaves less oil in the skin than other cleansers,” says New York dermatologist Patricia Wexler, MD.

Exfoliate (with gentle products) more often

“Skin needs to be exfoliated more during the warmer months to remove oil and dead skin because it sweats more,” says Ciminelli. You’re probably exposed to more sun this time of year, too, so also pay attention to exfoliating agents. “Retinol acts as an exfoliator. You may want to cut back on it when you’re going to be in the sun—it makes skin more prone to burning,” says Miami dermatologist Janelle Vega, MD. 


Take care of Sun Damage

Too long in the sun can irreversibly damage your skin, leaving it leathery and dry with possible sun spots and wrinkles. Although sun damage can’t be reversed, the effects of the skin can be improved with various treatments. We offer Cryotherapy, for example, that can freeze actinic keratosis with liquid nitrogen. Skin peels can safely remove the top layer of the skin using a strong, yet harmless chemical solution, paving the way for normal healthy skin to grow back later. Alternatively, our Dermaroller and Electric Skin Needling work in similar ways to each other, stimulating the skin, encouraging it to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely.

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