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What Is Profhilo And How Does It Differ From Fillers?

As we age, our skin produces less and less collagen and elastin- the building blocks that make up plumped up, healthy skin. For many years now dermal fillers have been made of the same substance that’s present in younger skin: hyaluronic acid.

While Profhilo is based on pure hyaluronic acid technology, it’s not actually accurate to call it a filler, but rather something between a skin booster and a filler as a super skin booster in that it offers fantastic hydration but also triggers collagen and elastin production, resulting in the bio- remodelling of the skin!

Actually, Profhilo is the only product to stimulate all four types of collagen and elastin, so maybe it’s best described as a ‘bio-rejuvenator’, ‘bio- revitaliser’ or ‘tissue- stimulator’ showing that aesthetic medicine really is moving in a new direction.









How Profhilo Can Cure Wrinkles

That’s right – I said CURE. Profhilo is currently the only product to stimulate the production of the vital substances that are lost from our skin as we age, boosting and utilising your natural processes. That is to say; rather than remaining where it is placed until it naturally degrades, Profhilo interacts with your tissue and causes it to regenerate.







How Profhilo Can Prevent Wrinkles

It’s important to note that Profhilo is an excellent option for the earlier prevention of lines, wrinkles and loss of volume. After we turn twenty, we lost around 1% of collagen from the dermis of the skin every year and the skin becomes thinner with less bounce as time goes on.

Prevention is always better than the cure, so taking action sooner to stop wrinkles forming in their track will help maintain the best results for longer, meaning there’s less need for future treatments if good skin health can be maintained.







How Is It Administered And Is It Painful?

Profhilo is a simple and specialised technique where you receive 5 small injections using a minute needle which tends to leave the skin perfectly following treatment – generally, mark and bruise free! The product then flows and distributes itself evenly, integrating within your skin’s tissue without resistance (rather than remaining where it is placed), which makes it naturally a much less painful procedure. 

One of our top priorities at ANP Skin Clinic is your comfort and enjoyment of your treatments and our fully trained therapist will talk you through any sensations you’re likely to experience.

For a more in-depth scientific breakdown of how Profhilo works check out Consulting Room’s article here.

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