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Semi permanent makeup, Contour Permanent Cosmetics

ANP Skin Clinic is proud to now be offering Semi Permanent Make-Up by Contour Permanent Cosmetics who will be offering treatments within our clinic by appointment. Permanent and Semi Permanent cosmetics at Contour are performed by Sophia, one of the only semi-permanent makeup practitioners who holds a prestigious Level 4 VTCT Diploma in micro-pigmentation. VTCT is a government recognised certifying body and Sophia has 9 years healthcare and advanced cosmetics experience under her belt, so you know you’re in safe hands! 

Micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that provides semi-permanent long-term definition to the lips, eyes and eyebrows, meaning Sophia’s treatments, in collaboration with ANP Skin Clinic, can make you radiate confidence and feel stunning inside and out! 

Conditions treated with Semi Permanent Makeup

  • Lips that have become undefined or faded in colour with age
  • Unstyled, unkempt, thin or uneven eyebrows
  • Thin or sparsely spaced eyelashes


How many treatments would I need? 

Everyone’s skin heals differently and due to this, it is nothing to worry about if you require a ‘booster’ treatment to achieve your desired results. Permanent cosmetics involves a two-part procedure and, even if you don’t require a ‘top-up’ treatment, it is still advisable to revisit the clinic to have the results of your treatment professionally assessed and a retouch performed. 

  • Eyeliners/ Lash Liner – A second follow-up appointment is usually needed 4-6 weeks after your original treatment. This is a complementary procedure and involves implanting any extra pigment that the treatment area requires.
  • Lip Liner – is similar to painting a wall- two coats are often required. It is recommended to return for a second complementary ‘top-up’ treatment 4-6 weeks after your original procedure.
  • Eyebrows – For the best results a retouch treatment is recommended 4-6 weeks after your original treatment.

 All 4-week retouch treatments are included in the prices listed below. 

What can I expect before, during and after the treatment? 


Eyeliners/ Lash Liner:  lash liner, eyeliner, Contour Permanent Cosmetics, semi permanent- makeup

Before – A detailed medical history and consultation are carried out before treatment. Together, the beautiful look you are after is established and, using your face and eye shape, Sophia plans a look that will complement your existing features and chooses a Lash Liner colour that will suit your eye colour. The shape is drawn on prior to the treatment so you can see how the finished result will look. 

During – Different methods involving various processes are available with our eye treatments. These include:

  • The Lash Enhancement – This entails a small amount of pigment being run along the lash line only. By confining the pigment to the lash line alone, eyelashes appear thicker, whilst achieving a subtle look, avoiding a definite line when looking straight at the eye.
  • The Baby Liner – Similar to the Lash Enhancement but with the pigment being implanted above the lash line rather than along it, The Baby Liner produces a clearer and more heavily defined eyeliner. An optional baby flick can add a gorgeous finish to this look.
  • The Latino – If it’s a stronger, more dramatic look you’re after, The Latino provides a thicker more obvious eyeliner.  

After – There is a high chance that eyes may be slightly puffy or sensitive for a few days following treatment.


Lip Liner:  lip liner, semi permanent makeup, Contour Permanent Cosmetics

Before – A consultation is important as it helps answer any questions that you may have as well as informs Sophia of any medical conditions that may affect the Lip Liner treatments. Therefore, a detailed consultation and medical treatment are undertaken prior to treatment. This consultation also serves to establish what your desired result from the treatment would be. A pencil and callipers are used to measure up and draw the preferred lip shape, taking into account your unique face shape, features and facial structure.

During – Lip Liner treatments are carried out using a safe, tried and tested specialist machine, called The Nouveau Contour. The machine is designed specifically for facial and medical treatments and operates at a low frequency. This low frequency results in the gentle application of the pigment into the skin using advanced fine needling techniques. An attractive soft and natural look is accomplished with the ‘Lip Blush’, which involves working along the lip line to define the shape before progressing down and into the lip to contour the pigment into your natural lip colour.

After –  Your lip is likely to be swollen, look about 60% darker than your healed result and appear more prominent after your lip procedure. However, don’t worry, after a few days have passed your lip colour will soften and lighten, becoming more subtle.


Eyebrows: semi permanent makeup, Contour Permanent Cosmetics, eyebrows, microblading

Before –  Eyebrows frame and balance your face and, if well-shaped, can lift your eyes, highlighting them to make you look more youthful. A consultation prior to treatment informs you about what to expect, answers any queries you have and determines if you want help with very light eyebrows or wish to gain a fullness and definition to your eyebrows, which may comprise of little hair due to over-plucking.

During –  Contour Permanent Cosmetics specialise in Microblading, which is a manual way of applying semi-permanent makeup, usually to the eyebrows. For Microblading, a specialised tool is used to insert pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin to produce extremely fine and authentic looking hairs.

After –  The result? Crisp and fine strokes and full and fluffy brows thanks to the colour being implanted closer to the surface to the eyebrow!


How much does it cost?

  • Micro Bladed Brows – £250
  • Brows with other techniques – £299
  • Lip Liner – £250
  • Lip Liner and Blush – £399
  • Eyeliners – from £199

All prices include the re-touch of treatments that is recommended 4 weeks after you have had your original treatment.