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Do you notice:

  • A family history of blushing or flushing easily?
  • Burning or stinging when applying certain topical products?
  • Visible bumps and pimples?
  • Visible blood vessels across your nose cheeks and chin?

What is Rosacea? Those who develop Rosacea may first begin to notice a tendency to blush or flush easily, especially with prolonged sun exposure, when experiencing heat, the cold, or ingesting hot drinks, spicy foods or alcoholic beverages. This condition can progress to, burning and/or stinging sensations, persistent redness, spots, pimples and visible blood vessels appearing in the centre of the face.

Rosacea skin most often affects fair-skinned people from northern Europe and is estimated to affect up to one in 10 people, so if you have it, you’re not alone.

If you think you have Rosacea you should ask your doctor for a correct diagnosis.

Although this frustrating skin condition isn’t curable it is manageable. Our treatments such as Laser Thread Vein Removal help you achieve a clearer complexion by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Lasers and the right filters, to ensure only light with the right qualities (wavelengths) are permitted to reach your skin. No anaesthetics are required for this skin solution.

Other treatments we offer include deep cleanse facials, which entails us working in conjunction with DermaQuest products to ensure your face looks radiant, youthful, healthy and glowing and skin peels and resurfacers.

Resurfacers are superficial therapies that work wonders for the face by exfoliating and working on the top layers of the skin. Often using enzymes and acids to refine facial features, they are sometimes known as ‘mild’ peelers.

As well as treating the top layers of the skin, face peels are also great at reaching the middle and lower levels of the skin, delivering strong results. Products associated with ANP Skin Clinic Skin Peels, such as those produced by DermaQuest and Alumier MD are often imbued with the strength and ability to prevent and overcome collagen breakdown. In fact, Alumier MD don’t ‘angel dust their products for marketing’. Instead they base all their items on scientific formulas, employing the highest grade of ingredients at the right percentages as evidenced  by clinical studies. This means our face and skin peels yield amazing anti-ageing results to boot!



The specific cause for Rosacea remains unidentified but factors such as stress, intense exercise, hot drinks, alcohol and caffeine, plus exposure to sunlight and spicy foods have been suggested as elements that worsen the condition.

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