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eye bag reduction, bags under eyesBags under eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles under eyes, fine lines, and dark circles sound familiar? Many adults suffer from one or more of these afflictions so don’t worry, you’re not alone. They can have the adverse effect of making you appear older than you are, meaning your confidence and self-esteem take a big blow, rendering you uncomfortable looking at your own reflection and no-one wants that! It’s our pleasure to boost your confidence by reducing bags under eyes and puffiness. We do this via our non-invasive, quick Low Level Laser Eye Rejuvenation therapy that dramatically reduces the volume of eye-bags and associated shadows. It also serves to bless your face with a lighter, fresher look. Unlike resurfacing lasers, this treatment uses low level lasers and doesn’t damage skin cells, making the experience a relatively painless and pleasurable one.

The therapy reduces the localised presence of extracellular fluid (body fluid outside the cells) by stimulating the lymphatic system and adjusting the flow of blood. The treatment works by light biochemically modulating cells. The result is diminished puffiness. It can also stimulate the fat cells to release their contents to achieve the reduced volume of eye bags.

Dermal fillers have the rejuvenating effect of naturally hydrating the skin, banishing puffiness and dark circles, whilst Botulinum Toxin smooths the skin by being injected into the muscles beneath a wrinkle where it stops nerve impulses to those tissues. Without a muscle contracting underneath it, the skin finds it more difficult to wrinkle. Facials, Skin Peels and Resufacer treatments on the other hand, rejuvenate the face by overcoming collagen breakdown at various layers in the skin increasing elasticity and maintaining youthful look.


There are many reasons for having bags under eyes and experiencing puffiness and each cause will be unique to you and depend on your lifestyle. Sleeping problems are the most commonly cited cause. Long days and restless nights play a role in producing dark circles under eyes as the eyes are open and active for longer, wearing them out. Other causes include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Allergies that result in melanin (also called hyperpigmentation, where spots of skin become darker than other nearby skin) and also post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Skin laxity that results in fat loss beneath the eye or shadowing
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Unhealthy lifestyles including consuming too much caffeine and tobacco and getting too little sleep – are actually less common causes of eye puffiness and bags.

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