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Most of us would have suffered from acne at some point in our lives, and not just throughout our teenage years – adult acne can be the bane of many people’s lives causing low-self esteem, body issues and embarrassment. Acne is basically spots, skin that is oily and, in rare situations, skin that is painful and hot to touch. Acne most commonly plagues the following areas:

  • the face
  • the back
  • the chest

Acne isn’t limited to these areas though and can’t be cured but luckily all the different types of spots can be managed using a variety of remedies. The different kind of spots are:

  • blackheads –  black or yellowish bumps, small in size that appear on the skin. There is a common misconception that they’re filled with dirt. They’re not. Instead, they’re black because the inner lining of the hair follicle generates pigmentation (colouring).
  • whiteheads – have a similar appearance to blackheads, but instead might be firmer and when squeezed won’t empty.
  • papules – small red bumps that are likely to be tender or sore.
  • pustules –  like papules but with a white tip in the middle, it is a build-up of pus that causes these type of spots.
  • nodules – larger and harder lumps that build up underneath the skins’ surface and can be hurtful.
  • cysts – the most extreme type of spot caused by acne; they’re large lumps filled with pus that looks similar to boils and bring the greatest risk of causing permanent scarring.

Spots can leave troublesome scars as well as redness and unhealthy looking skin. To help you restore your profile to the healthy glow it deserves, we’re happy to offer Dermaroller treatment. This Genuine Dermaroller™ is utilised to cause ‘micro traumas’ of skin needling so the skin can renew and revive itself naturally, combating adult acne. We administer a localised anaesthetic cream to numb the skin beforehand for your comfort in this results yielding procedure. Electric Skin Needling is similar and stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, younger and wholesome looking skin. It is usually a course of treatment comprising of a combination of various procedures to remedy skin problems.


Acne is most commonly associated with puberty but can attack the skin at any age. A specific type of hormone makes the glands that generate grease next to the hair follicles in the skin create larger amounts of oil, (known as abnormal sebum). This sebum alters the usually harmless skin bacteria called P.acnes’ activity leading to inflammation and pus. Unfortunately, cleaning the skin alone can’t remove the blockage of the pores (or opening of the hair follicles), which is triggered by the abnormal sebum thickening the inner lining of the hair follicle. Other reasons for acne can be genetic. If one or both of your parents have had acne in the past, you too are likely to suffer from adult acne. Women can be victims of episodes of adult acne thanks for hormonal changes that happen during the menstrual cycle or throughout pregnancy. There is currently no proof that diet, bad hygiene or sexual activity play a role in acne.

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