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Putting your body through any type of procedure, however serious or invasive, requires trust in the people carrying out the treatment, and a lot of it! You don’t want to be experiencing any side-effects you weren’t expecting or warned about and you certainly don’t want a procedure to be botched or carried out incorrectly. Here at ANP Skin Clinics we like to build trust and enjoy making you feel informed and comfortable. 

We understand that for many, laser treatments and skin care solutions might be the first time they have experienced any procedures of this nature and the unknown can always  be daunting. That’s why your comfort is our top priority and we thoroughly care about our clients’ needs, feelings, reactions and overall welfare during every step of the treatment process. 

Before any treatment, however big or small, we always carry out a personal consultation between one of our expert and qualified practitioners and yourself in private. The discussions are privately held as, throughout them we take your medical history, answer any questions or concerns you have about the treatment you wish to undertake and put you at ease. It is also our duty to outline all the possible risks and side-effects that accompany the intended procedure or manifest as a result of the treatment you are having.

 Keeping you in the loop is of extreme importance to us. Your consultant will offer your advice and recommend certain courses of action. We also assess at this point if you are suitable for the treatment and how effective any remedies will be as certain factors such as your skin type, the severity of the problem and other external circumstances can influence the likely success of the skin or body solution you have opted for.

During your tailored consultation, which is customised to accommodate your needs, we will carry out ‘patch tests’ or ‘spot-tests’ on a small, inconspicuous area of skin or part of your body to determine if your body will react safety to any products, serums or technology we intend to use in the treatment you plan to have. We also examine if you would be allergic to any items involved in your intended procedure at this stage.

Our consultants are professional, friendly, non-judgemental and experienced. There’s not much they haven’t encountered or been asked before, so don’t be afraid to ask the questions you want to get the answers you need.