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body contouringLosing weight and securing that highly coveted slim and toned figure is one of the main body issues that plague men and women alike. It’s no surprise then, that once we have put in the time, energy, and hard work into changing our lifestyles and losing a vast amount of weight via taking a healthier approach to eating and exercise, that we look to body contouring to cement our efforts. Body contouring is an umbrella term to describe any procedure that changes the shape of various areas of the body. The procedures are carried out on individuals who have achieved significant weight loss after formerly being obese or severely overweight. The body sculpting processes reduce, and/or eliminate altogether, surplus skin and fat that still remains after the main portion of excess weight has been lost. Areas, where fat and extra skin can be removed, include:

  • The torso
  • The chest
  • The thighs
  • The upper arms

Although some may opt for a mini tummy tuck, with it being slightly less invasive than other body contouring treatments, our body sculpting procedure (Laser Liposuction) is completely non-invasive, highly effective and can even be described as relaxing!  


body contouring We all get excited when our jeans are a little looser after we’ve lost weight, but what causes some people’s skin to hang limply off their new slim body? Due to its elasticity provided by a protein in our skin called collagen, our skin usually shrinks to fit our new body’s size after a little weight loss. This is why we don’t outgrow our skin as we age. Unfortunately, extremely fast growth or weight gain can outmatch the production of the protein in the skin, leading to overstretching in some areas. This can cause stretch marks.  Where huge amounts of weight loss occurs, people are sometimes left with folds of surplus skin from when they were a heavier weight. This is because their skin has evolved to be so outstretched that it sags/hangs from the body. Excessive skin can result in infections, back issues and rashes, but fortunately their are non-invasive treatments available to help resolve the uncomfortable issue of stubborn left over body fat and loose skin.  

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