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ANP Skin Clinic is proud to now be supporting the worthy cause that the charity Invisible Traffick GB champion, helping to free people, including men, women and children, from the crime of human trafficking and providing long-lasting and effective aftercare to victims of this awful crime. 

“Human trafficking” is defined as the practice of illegally transporting people from one country to another usually with the intention to exploit them either via forcing them to work against their will for little or no money or for the sex trade.

There is a general misconception that human trafficking – described as a form of ‘slavery’ by the UN – isn’t a widespread problem, especially in Western Society, with slavery often being Invisible Traffick GB, charity, Human Trafficking, modern slavery, associated with the horrible conditions millions endured during the 17th and 18th centuries, prevalent in Africa and in plantations in North America. However, according to another prominent human trafficking charity, Unseen almost 21 million people worldwide are victims of forced labour, that’s including men, women and children and in the UK alone 2016 saw 3,805 people identified as potential victims of trafficking, a 17% increase on the figures from the previous year. 

The names of these charities featuring words like ‘Unseen’ and ‘Invisible’ indicate that the problem of human trafficking is a tragic one: it’s horrific yet it goes unnoticed in our communities as we go about our day-to-day lives. That’s why part of Invisible Traffick GB’s mission is to raise awareness of the widespread issue as well as help prevent it from happening and support victims who have already experienced the human trafficking ordeal.

Unique Rehabilitation Programme 

In a bid to fulfil their objective of ‘helping survivors survive,’ Invisible Traffick GB run a unique rehabilitation programme. To this end, they manage Tamar House, located in Northern England to serve as a haven for women aged 18 and over who have been victims of sexual exploitation. Victims can access 24/7 support, including help coping with physical and mental health issues, a sanctuary for day-to-day living, understanding counselling and the opportunity for education and training. Tamar House operates on the philosophy of stripping services back to basics and focusing on the needs of the individual. Situated in a quiet residential area with secure access, most of the furniture has been acquired through donations, whilst dedicated volunteers and skilled workers have refurbished the Victorian property. 

Currently, in the UK victims of Human Trafficking are identified by The National Referral Mechanism (NRM). The National Referral Mechanism grants a 45-day reflection and recovery period for victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking. During this 45-day period competent authorities, which are The National Crime Unit’s Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) and The Home Office Visas and Immigration (UKVI) in the UK, have 5 days to decide if an individual is a victim on ‘reasonable grounds’ and, if it is determined that a person is indeed a victim, they have until the end of the 45-day period to make a ‘conclusive decision’ on whether the person is most definitely a victim of modern slavery or human trafficking. 

Tamar House only accepts residents who have been received a ‘conclusive grounds’ decision. The charity has found that many victims of human trafficking and modern slavery end up back in the system as the 45-day created by the NRM, in which victims receive support is not a long-term solution. Invisible Traffick GB believes that the key to a fruitful new life for victims lies in sustainable, long-term aftercare like that provided at ‘second phase’ facilities like Tamar House. There is a severe lack of ‘second phase’ aftercare facilities in the UK for victims to go on receiving support from at the end of their allocated 45 days. 

Upcoming Events 

Like any active charity, Invisible Traffick GB is always hosting a diverse range of enjoyable fundraising events. They currently have a Barn Dance planned for 13th October 6:30pm-midnight at Lord’s Brewing Co in Kirklees. For a £5 ticket guests are treated to a delicious BBQ hog roast, real ale, tasty street food and more, plus kids are free until 8pm. 

To keep up-to-date with more of the charity’s events like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter! 

ANP Skin Clinic is proud to have donated money to Invisible Traffick GB so they can continue to offer their valuable support to victims and will keep promoting the great work they do!

To donate to Invisible Traffick GB click here or to get involved as a volunteer click here.