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Did you know that currently Vitamin D deficiency affects around 1 billion people in the world?


If you cover up in the sun, have a dark skin tone or are over 55, you could be at risk.

From September through to May, the sun is too low in the sky to make Vitamin D through UVB exposure, although some foods and supplements can be used as alternatives.

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Below we have 11 facts about Vitamin D that could help you!

Bone Abnormalities, Vitamin D, Ostemalacia

  1) You are at risk of developing bone abnormalities. If your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D. This can include problems such as Osteomalacia, which is soft bones, or Osteoporosis, which is fragile bones                         

2) Your body naturally produces Vitamin D. When directly exposed to sunlight. People with light skin need be careful to not be exposed to too much sunshine. You should always avoid spending long periods of time in the sun ☼

3) You can get Vitamin D from certain foods – Such as meat, dairy, mushrooms, eggs and seafood like Vitamin D, Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Salmon, Oily Fish, Eggs, Shrimp, Mushroomssalmon, sardines and shrimp! As well finding Vitamin D in foods, you can also get receive it through supplements, so, you don’t have to miss out if you’re a vegetarian!

 4) Vitamin D naturally boosts your immune system – Which protects you from a wide range of bugs, infections and viruses! So, if you regularly get Vitamin D, it will provide your immune cells with the energy they need to work to their full potential and help prevent from these attacks on your immune system!

 5) Vitamin D can reduce risk of Multiple Sclerosis –study by JAMA, suggest that you have a lower risk of multiple sclerosis if you have high circulating levels of Vitamin D! 

6) Vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood. – In a study from the Journal of Internal Medicine, Mood, Depression, Vitamin Dit was found that people with depression, who received vitamin D supplements, noticed an improvement in their symptoms. 

7) Vitamin D can decrease your chances of developing heart disease. – Vitamin D can reduce inflammation, which is an underlying risk factor for coronary heart disease. High doses of vitamin D could reduce the risk of arterial stiffness, which is a predictor of cardiovascular-related diseases. Scientists aren’t sure why vitamin D is good for arteries, but it has impacted blood vessel health in positive ways. – https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/899483/vitamin-d-supplements-cardiovascular-disease-risk

8) Lowers Risk of Developing Rheumatoid Arthritis – Inflammation also causes other conditions, such as those that end with “itis”, like Arthritis. Vitamin D is one of nature’s strong, anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce the amounts of CRP (which causes a lot of inflammation), consequently lowering the risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions of a similar nature.

9) Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes – Vitamin D helps to regulate insulin levels by helping your body Diabetes, Vitamin D, Deficiency, Insulin Levelssecrete the chemical

10) Reduces Risk of Cancer – If you give yourself the proper nutrients, you greatly lower your risk of developing cancer. If you exercise regularly, you’ll allow those nutrients to do their jobs as well. Vitamin D can help reduce the growth of cancer cells and is an important part of the healing process of cancer.


11) Aids in weight loss – Alongside exercise regularly and eating a healthy diet, regular Vitamin D intake can help you burn calories. Studies have shown that people that consume more Vitamin D have an easier time losing weight and are less likely to become obese.

Remember, we stock Lamberts Healthcare tables 1000 iu (120 caps) for just £8.95 (with free postage if needed).

Lamberts Vitamin D 1000iu

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